Posted by: alliefox | April 6, 2009

Brand yourself… on and offline

I read an article in The New York Times called “Putting Yourself Out There on a Shelf to Buy”. I have read tons of articles on social media since I became interested in PR: how wonderful social media is, how to use it, how you must know how to use every social media tool on the web.  But I really liked this article because it took a different approach. I have been one of those people who still hasn’t completely found my passion for social media, but this article stresses the importance of it without making it seem so overwhelming. Here are a few things I found valuable in the article:

– “If you don’t brand yourself, google will brand you” (When potential employers search your name, would you rather a professional blog come up or pictures of you at a party?)

– Start off small. You don’t have to sign up for every single social media site in the same day.  Start with something easy such as twitter or LinkedIn, perfect your skills in that site, then join a few sites that are oriented toward your field.  “But don’t go crazy and put your profile on dozens of sites. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin.”

– And my favorite piece of advice from the article that we often don’t hear: “BRANDING SHOULD CONTINUE IN THE OFFLINE WORLD TOO. We’re so online that we have forgotten some of our offline skills”. So don’t go out in sweats if you think you may run into a potential client, always carry around a business card (even if it is just name and contact information), and be personable.. in person. To make your online brand reputable, it must be consistent with who you really are.



  1. Actually I am in the process of marketing myself but when I read your post I think I learned something new today!


  2. Great! Glad to help.

  3. “be personable…in person…” Great advice! This post is a good reminder not to forget how to connect w/ people face-to-face and about how important that is…I believe social media skills are supposed to add to what an individual/ company already has going on…not replace. So we can’t forget about the basics! The part that you pointed out as your favorite piece of advice really is very true- I agree!

  4. I couldn’t agree more with both you and Cara about being personable offline, that’s were it really counts. Anyone could put on an act online and be someone that they are not. In an interview that I had this week with a company I had a discussion with him about social media and how he just hired a social media “guy” to help brand and market his company. It was neat to see in my own life that social media is really the “big thing” in branding.

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  8. Allie, I love that you bolded that final point, “Branding should continue in the offline world too.” We live in a society where technology becoming increasingly important to simply stay afloat with the people you are competing with in the job market. But at what point do we become to internet-savvy and lose the basics that lead to success in yesteryear? For instance, I compete for Clemson’s Forensics team and while it’s an academic sporting event, the competitors remain in suits all day and use every opportunity to market themselves to other coaches in hopes of creating networks whether it be for the professional world or for advancing to higher ranks of academia. The identity we create online and the was we present ourselves in the physical world must ultimately align otherwise it’s all a wasted effort.

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